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Via the jets

Saddle, slot, crevasse - a translation of the Italian title of the world's most famous Ferat. Route secured with steel ropes, metal ladders and tacks nailed to the rocks, We stretch wildest scenery in the Dolomites massif called Brenta.

Mountain ridge Dolomiti di Brenta stretches in northern Italy between the city of Trento and the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio. Let's go over here to Munich or Salzburg, A burner Bolzano.

Motorways in Austria are paid highway sign, in Germany pays nothing, Brenner Pass is chargeable myth and Italian motorway exit are paid by mileage. The Madonna are all paid parking. The largest is directly under the cable car to Grosté. Cheaper is overnight parking, than the sum of one-day receipts.
Ferratové zájezdy on-line
Brenta entire passage from the saddle after ferátách Grosté, which runs from Madonna di Campiglio lift, Twelve Apostles to the cottage and down to the town of Pinzolo usually lasts three days. You can spend the night in huts climbing famous names Tuckett, Alimonta, or Pedrotti.
Housing costs between twenty and thirty euros per night, Children pay half. Proof Alpenrevier cheaper accommodation by half. The holiday weekends are full bývý, so you need to book in advance. On weekdays, it is not necessary. Madonna's Return to the possible local bus.

Recommended Equipment

With them, we have to carry only clothes, Helmet, food and drink throughout the day and set ferátový. Designed to complement the tourist ax to possible icy spots and short glaciers. Suitable boots are solid. The cottages are suitable insert for lightweight sleeping bag or sleeping bag under the government-issue blankets. V létě je důležitý krém na opalování a tmavé brýle.

Amazing cliffs beneath alternate narrow shelves in the perpendicular walls and sharp rocky ridges.

At times we feel stuck like flies on the wall. We keep only a piece of iron attached to yellowish dolomite. For sure we are strapped to a steel rope with carabiners and climbing harness.

Before us lean strut towers and sprawling rock, small glaciers and deep seat. Zigzagging between, where to lead us ropes.

Via delle Bocchette runs along the main ridge of the central part of the Brenta. The shorter it is followed by other, but equally dizzying Ferat. Allow you to explore the entire mountain range in detail, or routes combine. Thanks to them we can get off the ridge, sleep on some mountain cabin and turn on the ridge comfortably return.

The night we arrived to the famous Italian resort of Madonna di Campiglio. Dospíme the parking lot and in the morning we get to export a gondola on a broad saddle Grosté (2446 m n.m.). Here in the winter skiing on wide and long downhill tracks.

Alfredo Benini

We're after flat škrapových fields below Cima Grosté. Walk around her left after soaring catwalks and into the slot chamois. When I was walking easy and secure short stretches.

Here is the last place to thread ferátového set. Debris trail left to walk around Cima Falkner (highest point 2950 m n.m.). Absolvujeme after steep descent ropes zigzag system of short stacks and ridges.

Other rock stage will take us over a huge valley, dominated by the slim tower Campanile di Vallesinella. Recently there glacier retreated, and so we can safely put down the dense traffic signs. Where the valley bends sharply, there are a couple of steel wire ropes.

Ondra headache from a height, So we leave the main ridge and descend to two small huts Tuckett and Sella. In one dine and the second, fifty meters away, go to sleep. We drive headache drinking and aspirin.


The next day we set off at dawn. At eleven o'clock in the morning the Brenta is usually enveloped by fog. We want to be at that time was on the ropes.

Sosat trail is moderate and well secured. Leads in the right side of Cima Brenta. Amazing it makes several vertical ladders, that allow us to overcome the deep ravine.

Fog really came, insights into the rocky cliffs are more impressive. At an altitude pass Dei Brentei chat and chats Alimonta connects to the ridge hike. After a small glacier climb rocks peppered the saddle Degli Armi (2749).

Vents Central

Narrow comb through quickly climb ladders and clamps. In fifteen minutes we are at the start panting footbridge Figari. It is not difficult. It is amazing!

Vertical wall disrupts horizontal bridge just a few feet wide. Fusing a taut steel cable. We continue through Sfulmini and Campanili Alto.

Zigzagging T-slots, combs, chimneys and Stenka. Rope lead times for wet and cold northern side, sometimes after a hot south. Ferat grandiose conclusion obtains the walkways high above the valley in the walls of the Brenta Alta. They carry us to the saddle Di Brenta (2552).

Descent is demoralizing. Descend bleak glacial valley, suspect under the rubble ice, but do not find any water to drink. It is up to the cottage Dei Brentei (2182). Rain drives us down quickly.

When we enter into the forest, waiting for us, unfortunately, still a long climb over a rocky ridge side of the valley of the same name and Vallesinella cottage. Jealous of car-driving, who park here. We must arrive by road to Madonna.

Matej testify in legs. Cry from exhaustion. I do not blame him. It was a long and difficult day. The car at the top end of town, it's still three kilometers, we come to him with Ondra. Let mom relax with Mathias in the passage, where it does not rain.


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