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Hostel Centrum Krakow

Hostel Centrum Krakow

Hostel Centrum Krakow

hostel v samém centru Krakowa nabízí ubytování zejména pro nenáročné návštěvníky královského města a studenty za příjemnou cenu.

Double and multiple rooms. Breakfast Buffet.

Price from 300,- CZK per person

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(polsky Warsaw, pronunciation is the main (since 1596) and largest city ​​of Poland. In 2010 should 1 720 781 resident, with surrounding agglomerations 3 003 000. Warsaw situated in central Poland in the historic Mazovia in the middle reaches of the Vistula in Warsaw Basin at an average altitude 100 m n. m. Zájezdy Polsko on-line

Warsaw it is also the capital of Mazovia Province. In the capital, is developed industry, especially manufacturing, steel, electronics and automotive.
Flanked by more than 60 educational institutions, especially Warsaw University (University of Warsaw), University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw University of Technology), Warsaw School of Economics (School of Economics) and further. There are over 30 theaters, including the National Theatre and opera and has the headquarters of the National Philharmonic Orchestra. Accommodation in Warsaw on-line

The first fortified settlement in what is now Warsaw settlement was Bródno v 9. and 10. century and Jazdów in 12.a 13. century. After, What Vévoda of Plock, Boleslav II. Mazovia attacked in 1281 the Jazdów, Founded new headquarters at the small fishing village Warzsowa. At the beginning 14. century, this place has become one of the seats of Mazovia Province and in 1413pak capital of Mazovia. After the extinction of the local provincial status line in 1526 Province was incorporated under the Polish crown. In 1529 Warsaw became the first seat of the Polish Sejm, permanently housed here Sejm since 1569. Year 1573 gave the name of Warsaw Warsaw Confederation, agreement of the Polish nobility tolerance of different religions in the Polish Kingdom. Accommodation in Poland on-line
Due to its convenient central location between Vilnius and Krakow in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Warsaw became the capital of the community and at the same time in 1596 the capital of Poland, here when King Sigismund III. Vasa moved the royal court from Krakow. Warsaw was the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth until 1795, when the monarchy was attacked Prussia and Warsaw became the capital of the province of New East Prussia. Year 1807 the city was osvobozenoNapoleonovou army on the Vistula and the city becomes a metropolis Warsaw Regional. In roce1815 after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo brings together former powers Austria, Russia and Prussia(The Congress of Vienna), according to which Poland was under the influence of imperial Ruska.To recreated a Polish constitutional monarchy under his influence. The uprising against Russian domination in a letech1830 1863 only increased repression against the Polish population.

After regaining independence of Poland after the end of the First World War in 1918 Warsaw again became the capital of the newly forming state. In 1919 Poland came into conflict with Bolshevik Russia on the historical territory of Ukraine and Lithuania. The Battle of Warsaw (1920) Polish troops completely destroyed the Red Army troops attacking the city and thus thwarted the attempt of Lenin and the Russian Bolsheviks to connect with German, French and Hungarian Bolsheviks to dominate Europe.


The Second World War was started 1. September 1939, when Germany invaded the western part of Poland. It was also 17. September 1939 attacked Poland from the east by the Soviet Union. Country capitulated after six weeks of fighting. West Poland was annexed by the German Reich and east to the Soviet Union. The central part of Poland including Warsaw was under the administration of the pro-Nazi government (General Gouvernment). During the invasion in 1939 Warsaw was bombed and destroyed 10 when 15% buildings in. Although it was a significant loss, in later times had to be Nazi plans for the city completely destroyed and preserved just as important transfer point.

During the Nazi occupation of the city were all higher educational institution immediately closed and Warsaw Jewish population – Several hundred thousand people, about 30 % the city's population - were herded into ghettos tzv.Varšavského. When the Germans as part of Hitler's "final solution" tried to liquidate the ghetto, there was a Jewish uprising. Despite the heavy shelling and outnumbered the ghetto remained defend nearly a month. After the fighting were those, survivors, massacred.

In July 1944 Soviet troops advanced through Polish territory, The Germans then retreated to Warsaw. Stalinnebyl favor of the idea of ​​independence of Poland, Therefore, the Polish government in exile in London gave orders to the Polish underground Home Army ("Army"), to try to gain control of the city, before they arrive Russians. Dne 1. August 1944, when the Red Army approached the city quickly, Provincial army and most of the population started Warsaw rebellion.

Despite Stalin's hostility towards Poland Poles expected, the Soviet soldiers help them against their common enemy. However, when the Red Army came to Warsaw, Soviet offensive was abruptly stopped and the Germans could ruthlessly suppress the uprising. Although the rebellion was the time scheduled for 48 hours, defenders keep 63 days. Finally had to surrender the capital of Poland. Home Army soldiers were taken to POW camps in Germany, civilian population was expelled from the city. Hitler, ignoring the agreed terms of surrender and ordered, that the city was razed to the ground, libraries and museums looted or burned. When 17. January 1945 Soviet troops crossed over the Vistula, found, that Warsaw has almost ceased to exist. Through 85 % the town was destroyed, including the historic Old Town and the Royal Castle. The surviving fighters Terran army Russian NKVD killed or sent to Siberia.[source?]

The number of victims of wartime events was then estimated at 800 000, These are primarily Jews and victims of the uprising.

After the war, taking power prostalinská government of President Bolesław Bierut and Warsaw became the capital of the communist Polish People's Republic. This naturally aspired urgent issue to address capital renewal. According slogans and then began “the nation to build a new Warsaw”. It was necessary not only to restore historic buildings and the Royal Castle, but mainly terraced houses. The original narrow streets, which were conducted in routes centuries old ways replaced by modern boulevards conducted in north-south and east-west direction, linked together roundabouts. Even though much of the original houses replaced, Some of the early 20. century and earlier are preserved. Many churches were then restored to its original appearance.

New dominating metropolis became the Palace of Culture – built in the style of socialist realism, like “gift peoples of the Soviet Union, the Polish people”. It was first completed in 1955.

In 1980 was renovated historic Old Town entered into the historical heritage.

The development of road transport in the spirit of the new city was accompanied by construction of transport. New Central Station, lying on an important thoroughfare Warsaw Jerozolimskie Alleys, is located underground, and with a track, led under the center of the metropolis helped simplify the traffic situation in the city and make quick connections between eastern and western trains. Tram-way, Warsaw which has already pre-war times, the zmodernizovala, the new high-speed roads appeared moderníautobusy. That konci 80. years, began the construction of the metro.

Metropolis but still waiting for big development. Houses from the fifties and sixties began soon add high-rise buildings. Already in 70. years started to grow first in the north and the center of town, silhouette metropolis, then added buildings such as Mariott Hotel and Blue Center. New times a year 1989 then brought the full opening of western investors. Creating additional office buildings, but also business center.