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Hotel-Pension Austriana, Berlin

Hotel-Pension Austriana, Berlin

Hotel – Pension Austriana

This hotel is located in Berlin's Wilmersdorf, 5 minute walk from the Kurfürstendamm shopping street. Austriana hotel offers good transport links and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Pension Austriana, Set in a quiet side street, cozy, individually furnished rooms with cable TV, safe and private or shared bathrooms.

Zájezdy Německo

Stops nearby Kurfürstendamm / Bleibtreustraße is a direct connection to the train station Zoologischer Garten, Gedächtniskirche Church, and Tegel Airport. The Metro station Adenauerplatz walk away 3 minutes.

Hotel Pension Austriana offers every morning a rich breakfast buffet. In the area around Kurfürstendamm many cafés, bars and restaurants.

Economy Single Room with Shared Bathroom

Economy Double Room with double bed and shared bathroom

Comfort Double Room with double bed

Economy Triple Room with Shared Bathroom

Comfort Triple Room

Price from 1200,- CZK / night with breakfast, sezónní slevy

Pension Insel Rügen, Berlin

Pension Insel Rügen, Berlin

Pension Insel Rügen


Located in Berlin's Wilmersdorf, just 300 meters from the Kurfürstendamm shopping street. Hotel Pension Insel Rügen offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Pension Insel Rügen je krásný obytný dům v Berlíně postavení kolem roku 1900. The bright rooms are simply furnished, some have private bathrooms.

Insel Rügen Hotel serves a rich breakfast buffet.

Zájezdy do Německa on-line

Hotel Rügen offers direct bus connection to the station Zoologischer Garten, ICC Exhibition Centre and Tegel Airport.

Price from 850,- CZK / night with breakfast, group discounts, suitable for school and tourist groups.

dvou a více lůžkové pokoje, some rooms have a common bathroom.

double bed




(German Dresden [dresdn], Sorbian Drježdźany) the provincial capital and also the second largest city in Saxony kreisfreie (District-free city). Near Dresden are some other major cities, For example, Chemnitz (80 km west), Leipzig (100 km northwest) Berlin (170 km north). 150 km south then decays Prague, 230 km east of Wroclaw is found (Wroclaw). Dresden lies on the Elbe (it. Elbe) between the eastern foothills of the Ore Mountains (it. Erzgebirge), stubble Lusatian Mountains and Elbe sandstone. Thanks to its natural position and its Baroque and mediteránnímu architectural charm of the city is called the Elbe Florence. The highest point of Dresden is Triebenberg.

The origin of the name of the city of Dresden (German Dresden) was derived from starosrbského designation Drežďany for people originally from the area of ​​swamps and floodplain forests.

Trips to Dresden

Dresden - sign
altitude: 113 m n. m.
state: Germany Germany
The Land: Saxony Saxony
area: 328,3 km ²
Population: 529 781 (31. 12. 2011)

Originally a fishing village, Registered buyers and markraběcího headquarters in Dresden developed into a spa and a royal residence and later became the provincial capital of Saxony.

You are so politickýmcentrem the Federal Government established the provincial government, Diet, and other municipal offices. The city has an urban district status (District-free city) and is the seat of the government district Dresden, University of Technology, and also of many other colleges and other schools.

Dresden served most of its history as the seat of the Dukes of Saxony, who at the same time from 13. century held the title of secular electors (specific title Supreme Marshal), Thus electors king of the Holy Roman Empire. Title electors your dukes Saxon rulers retained until the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1806, which was also the Saxon vévodstvípřeměno on Saxon kingdom in the process of entry into the Saxon State Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine. Dresden since 1806 year 1918, when the monarchy was replaced by a republic establishment, functioned as the capital of the Kingdom of Saxony.

During the Second World War, the city of 13. do 15. February 1945 as a result of massive air raids RAF and USAAF almost completely destroyed. Roughly 45 % All bombs were dropped on the city were incendiaries, which caused a major fire around the city center (so. Firestorm). The exact number of victims is still unknown, because there was a lot of refugees from approaching the eastern front and the town was then completely overcrowded. According to the final police report of March 1945 remains were found 18 375 Dead, while the total number of victims was estimated at Dresden police chief 25 thousand people. Due to defend against vypuknutíepidemie had to be thousands of unidentified bodies of victims burned. Unintended consequence of aerial bombing of Dresden was a mistake, it was instead of Dresden 14. February 1945 also bombed Prague.

In 2002 Dresden was due to its location on the river Elbe flood affected millennial, high water flew here from the Czech Republic.

In the city, a number of baroque buildings, that their scope and importance beyond the importance of Dresden, Saxony jakometropole. Among the most important example Kennel (Running baroque palace fortifications kurfiřtského),Taschenbergpalais, Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, known as Hofkirche, Saxon State operaSemperoper, unique Protestant church Frauenkirche (square ground plan).

The world-famous museums Dresden situated within the precincts of the royal palace (Royal Palace), which hosts collections of Saxon electors and kings Green Vault, Turkish Chamber, Mathematics and Physics salon, Prints and Drawings čiMünzkabinett. Located at the Albertina gallery Galerie Neue Meister (New Masters) av novorenesanční části Zwingeru Old Masters Picture Gallery (Old Masters) or Porcelain Collection. Other museums include the Johanneum (Museum of Transport), the Japanese Palace (the Prehistoric Museum of Ethnology) - Significant and unique jeHygienemuseum, which is to transfer knowledge of health, human biology and medicine into general public. The most famous exhibit is transparent woman.


We provide


Hotel Plaza, Berlin

Hotel Plaza, Berlin

Hotel Plaza, Berlin

this 3 star hotel in Berlin is just 50 meters from the Kurfürstendamm shopping street. Traditional restaurant with terrace, Free Wi-Fi and private parking. Uhlandstraße Underground Station is just 500 meters.

Berlin Plaza Hotel am Kurfürstendamm má moderní pokoje vybavené minibarem, satellite TV and hypoallergenic mattresses. All are also accessible by elevator.

Trips to Berlin

In classical Knese restaurant serves Berlin specialties favorite. Start each day with a rich breakfast buffet.

Berlin Plaza front desk operates continuously. The staff can arrange car rental and babysitting.

Plaza Hotel is 10 minute walk from the historic church Gedächtniskirche. The KaDeWe department store is within a 20 minutes.


Double Room Comfort Double

Single Room Standard Double

Double Room Standard Double

Restaurant, Bar, Reception 24 hours a day, Daily press, Feel, Non-smoking rooms, Elevator, Safe, Luggage Storage, Designated Smoking Area, Restaurant (a la carte), Sun Terrace

Dinner: jednolůžkový pokoj od 1.500,- CZK / night with breakfast. Double 1.750,- CZK

Services: lounge, Business centrum, Babysitting / Child Services, Laundry, Currency Exchange, Shoe Shine, Car Hire, Fax / Photocopying

Internet: free of charge! Bezdrátové internetové připojení je dostupné v celém hotelu.

Parking: Private parking is possible 12 EUR na the rows areálu hotelu.












Berlin located in the northeast of Germany, roughly 70 km west of the border with Poland, Surrounded by the Land of Brandenburg (Brandenburg). Town River Spree (Spree), water areas (especially Lake) form 6,6 % total area. There are many parks and green areas and forests.

Trips to Berlin

The average height above sea level: 34 m n. m. The highest point: Teufelsberg, 115 m n. m. (it is an artificial embankment, formed from the remnants of building materials bombed houses).

Distance Berlin-Prague is around 350 km. The train journey takes less than five hours…

Berlin (German Berlin) is the capital and also the Land of the Federal Republic of Germany. The capital of Germany became the year 1991 and the unification of Germany (and hence the two parts of) Berlin is one of the largest cities in Europe and the second largest city in the European Union.

Berlin - znak
Berlin - Flag
altitude: 34–115 m n. m.
state: Germany Germany
Land: Berlin
area: 891,82 km ²
Population: 3 396 990 (2005)
ethnic composition: Germans, Turks, Serbs, Arabs, Poles


The Brandenburg Gate

The first historically documented mention of Berlin from the year 1244. Year 1451 Berlin is becoming a government town of Brandenburg Margrave of Electors, 1701 then the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, 1871capital of the newly founded German Empire.

Berlin in the past tolerant city, where he found refuge many persecuted refugees, among other things, Huguenots from France (the r. 1685) Protestants zČech (the r. 1730), Some of their descendants, living in the so-called. Czech village (Bohemian village), until the second half 20. century still speak Czech. In the twenties 20. century from Berlin states of the European metropolis with a rich political, mainly scientific and cultural life. Tolerance ends year 1933 the advent of Hitler.

After World War II, when the city was largely destroyed (eg. 40 percent of the residential area), Berlin was divided into four occupation sectors. At the beginning of the Cold War, Berlin got in the middle of conflicts between the victorious powers. Already in 1948 leads to the Berlin Blockade (when all of the supply takes place only air link) and then to the political division of the city. The de facto division is the construction of the Berlin Wall 13. August 1961.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 begins a new chapter in the city. Berlin became the capital of Germany.



As a result, the concentration of the population of other nationalities in certain districts or parts of the state outside of this cultural diversity as well as negative aspects - primary school, where the proportion of foreigners is despite 90 percent of students, not in some districts of Berlin exception. Integrative models of the seventies and eighties, initially promising, failed, some can speak about closed ghettos of various minorities foreigners. In particular, Arab or. Palestinian immigrants or asylum wearer, but also as well as some of the Turkish population, who lives in Berlin many times already in the third generation (which is then integrated under the second phase).

In Berlin There is also a large Jewish community, with their 11 000 members (according to other data, then 13 000) largest Jewish community in Germany. In fact, however, is contained approximately 8000 emigrants from the former Soviet Union in the early nineties. Means, that less than one third of the village dates back to the former West Berlin. Before the Holocaust in Berlin lived about 170 000 Jews, of which about 90 000 emigrovalo. Of the remaining were only about 800 Holocaust survivor.

Red Town Hall


Berlin TV Tower

Berlin is characterized by a large number of cultural and scientific equipment, some of which achieved great popularity and reputation abroad. Cultural diversity and tolerance while mainly come down from the time of West Berlin, which became in this sense "free" capital to the motto "something for everyone". Current situation and future prospects are strongly affected by the financial crisis of (Talk about closing or merging opera, on subsidies for cultural and scientific equipment, etc.).

Among other sights and monuments can be named Reichstag (Reichstag), Brandenburg Gate, world famous Unter den Linden as well jakoKarl-Marx-Allee, zámek Charlottenburg Palace, former Checkpoint Charlie, East Side Gallery (the rest of the Berlin Wall), Fernsehturm television tower, chrám Berlin Cathedral, a zříceninu kostela Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Kurfürstendamm a Alexanderplatz (former "western" and "eastern" city center), A whole new complex at Potsdamer Platz (Potsdamer Platz) and near (where in the nineties of the last century was more or less a new quarter '), Last but not least, the sights in the near Potsdam.

Berlin has many monuments, associated with the Berlin Jewish community. Among the best known are: New Synagogue, The Jewish Museum, Jewish Memorial



Hotel Atlas

*** Hotel Atlas

price from 1. 120,- CZK / person / night with breakfast, center – Schwabing

Oktoberfest – price from 2. 250,- CZK + High Season – Fairs, conference, advent…



Oktoberfest Munich

Zájezdy na Oktoberfest zde: Oktoberfest in Munich since 2015 3.490,- CZK

 For individuals(bed and breakfast, doprava autobusem, and guides.)

Term: 24.9. – 25.9. 2015 Oktoberfest – bus trip booking here


Oktoberfest Mnichov/Munich/München

16. 9. – 3.10. 2017    Wiesn´


 Rezervace míst na Oktobersfest v Mnichově

odpolední rezervace pro skupiny je možno objednávat do 19.9. 2017

večerní rezervace v malém stanu pro skupiny od 10 osob je možno objednávat do 20.9. 9. 2015

večerní rezervace ve velkém stanu

We accept orders from 1. November 2016 na ubytování a rezervaci míst ve velkých/malých stanech na rok 2017.

historie Oktoberfestu, ceny piva atd. here


Package-Oktoberfest 2017

Evening reserve seats in a large tent accommodation with breakfast **** hotel

dinner: 9. 000,- CZK / person (including consumption worth 50,- EURO)


Zajišťujeme rezervace míst na Oktoberfestu v Mnichově pro skupiny osob

Oktoberfest je vhodné místo a společenská akce světového významu, kam můžete pozvat své obchodní partnery, jako poděkování za spolupráci s vaší firmou.

Pozvánka obchodních přátel na Oktoberfest od vaší firmy, vám pomůže zvýšit prestiž mezi obchodními partnery…

Poděkujte svým zaměstnancům za jejich pracovní výkony a pozvěte je na Oktoberfest v Mnichově, Vaši zaměstnanci to ocení…

Buďte světový a jeďte na Oktoberfest do Mnichova…

Rezervace míst

Pro skupiny od 6, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 Little People / Big tent at client's request…

Odpolední rezervace cena od 1.990,- CZK / person *(Included 1/2 chicken, 2 Meuse beers)

Evening reservation price from 3.690,- CZK / osoba*(Included 1/2 chicken, 2 Meuse beers)

Afternoon reservation box / balcony price 2.990,- CZK / osoba* (Included 2 Mazy menu piva 2)

Evening reservations box / balcony price from 3.990,- CZK / osoba* (Included 4 Meuse beers +2 menu)

Odpolední / Večerní rezervace*

*reserve price according to the specific tent, and the type of reservation – odpolední / večerní / víkend / box / balcony

*selection of food and beverages according to the offer of tents (chicken, duck, baked knee, veal, fish, further example menu. duck with cabbage, etc.)

Accommodation is snídaní- tips on accommodation in Munich

(accommodation 2015 v Mnichově pro jednotlivce-  on-line rezervace): 

Doporučeno pro skupiny

Hotel Atlas City od 3.590,- CZK / night / person, bed and breakfast ca 5 minutes od Wiesn´

Hotel Comfort od 2.950,- CZK / night / person, bed and breakfast ca 15 minutes od Wiesn´

Pension Schwabing od 2.750,- CZK / night / person, bed and breakfast ca 10 minutes od Wiesn´

Pensin Hasenbergl od 1.990,- CZK / night / person, bed and breakfast ca 25 minutes od Wiesn´

Hostel Tannenhof od 1.990,- CZK / night / person, bed and breakfast ca 7 minutes od Wiesn´

Hotel B&B od 2.890,- CZK / night / person, bed and breakfast ca 20 minutes od Wiesn´

Oktoberfest hotely, pensiony on-line


Objednávka služeb-rezervací



Velké stanyoktoberfest

Winzerer Fähndl

Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke

Fischer Vroni

Malé stany

Hühnerbraterei Wildmoser

Haxnbraterei Hochreiter
Posch former chicken- Roasted Duck and
Chickens- Roasted Duck and Heimer
Glöckle host
Heinz Wurst- and Hühnerbraterei
Zur Bratwurst
Feisinger's Kas- and Weihnstubn
Munich Knödelei
For Stiftl

Able's Kalbs-Kuchl

Schiebl Mug
Chickens- Roasted Duck and bunting
Bodos Cafézelt
Coffee Guglhupf
Café Kaiserschmarrn
Café Mohrenkopf
Wild Stuben
Tavern in Schichtl


Zájezd zde: as October fest 2014

Oktoberfest v Mnichově


Oktoberfest v Mnichově

David Klaus – ZP,  si vyhrazuje právo změnit program, nebo zrušit celý zájezd, pobyt, event, firemní akci, ve lhůtě 60 dní před jejím konáním, a to v případě, že ze strany dodavatele (malých, velkých stanů), there is a refusal reservation or significant reduction of capacity reserved seats.




(German: Munich, starobyle Munich – The monks – the monks) is the capital city of Bavaria, which lies in the foothills of the Alps on the River Isar and 1,3 million inhabitants as the third largest city in Germany (after Berlin and Hamburg)

Munich constitutes one of the 23 center of the Free State of Bavaria. Among German cities is a city with the highest population density.

The highest point is Mount Warnberg cities in the urban district 19 s 579 m n. m., lowest point 482 m n. m. Schwarzhölzl in northern urban district Feldmoching.

Town River Isar from southwest to northeast with a total length 13,7 km. On the river islands are known Museumsinsel with Deutschen Museum and in the immediate vicinity takyPraterinsel. In Munich, but also in the vicinity there are many smaller and larger lakes, as např.Ammersee, Wörthsee or Starnberger See. Another river flowing through Munich is Würm, which flows from Lake Starnberger, another stream flowing west Hachinger Bach Munich – flows from the southeast to Munich at Perlach and flows north through Neuperlach, as well as from the Isar separating Eisbach, Auer Mühlbach, which after separation from Isar flows through Munich Zoo, as well as stream Brunnbach. Urban streams are located primarily around the Isar, some also flowing through the center, even though most of the flow through underground pipes or were due to underground construction dried. The Munich lakes include. Kleinhesseloher See in the English Garden, lake in the Olympiapark or farther north away Lerchenauer, Pheasantry- and Feldmochinger See, which are separated by just a few hundred meters. In the south, near the left bank of the Isar lake Hinterbrühler See.



The embryo Mnichova the church Petersbergl; there was already 8. branch century monks from Tegernsee. Since Munich already existed at that time, date of the city was estimated from the last historical record.

The first mention of Munich as Villa Munichen comes from the 1158, after the Bavarian and Saxon duke Henry the Lion left near the seat of the monks at the monastery Tegernsee build a bridge over the river Isar in place dnešníhoLudwigsbrücke. He left but to destroy the most northerly of the Bishop of Freising at Oberföhring, order to capitalize on the rich salt trade in Augsburg. In 1214 – 1217 Munich received municipal rights.

Year 1180 Henry the Lion was given by the Emperor to the imperial spells and was confiscated, including Bavarian duchy. After this imperial fief, including Munich granted Wittelsbachům. In 1255 was split race on branch Palatinate (held Upper and Lower Palatinate, falckraběte title and electoral vote) and Bavarian (Upper Palatinate Bavaria without a ducal title). Then moved to Munich Bavarian Wittelsbachové, where they lived until the end of the First World War. City won the second wall, original ducal castle (dnes Alter Hof), began to build the palace, some of which still exist today.

as October fest

Oktoberfest je mnichovský pivní festival. It takes 16 days and always ends in the first October neděli.Fakta and data

Oktoberfest is known as the biggest beer festival of the world. Year after year, arriving around six million people visit the Oktoberfest grounds 64akrový Theresienwiese meadow. Asi 70 % people are from Bavaria, other people from other countries, such as Italy and other European countries. In recent years, begins to discover many overseas visitors. Tradičtí visitors wear Bavarian hats with tufts of goat hair and traditional Bavarian costumes.


Oktoberfest starts since 1872 September. It starts on Saturday and lasts 16 days. Ends on the first Sunday in October. Pokud je ovšem tato neděle 1. or 2. October, so festival continues until the day of German statehood (3. October).

Numbers Oktoberfest

  • 30 % annual production of Bavarian breweries is consumed within two weeks of the festival.
  • 12 000 lidí je zaměstnáno na festivalu, one 1600 as waiters.
  • Na festivalu je 100 000 míst na sezení.
  • Roasted oxen: 880
  • Sausages: 219 443 pairs
  • Baked chicken: 459 279



Pension Alpina, Berchtesgaden

Pension Alpina

Pension Alpina is located near the center of town Berchtesgaden. It offers rooms equipped with standard facilities (WC, bathroom, TV). Some rooms are also equipped with a kitchenette and balcony.

In summer tourists this pension and apartment house popular especially for its appropriate position to countless trips to the neighborhood – Königsee, Jenner, Eagle's Nest both on the bike and on foot. In winter, on the other hand offers affordable accommodation for skiers, because it is located just a few minutes drive from the local slopes…

DINNER: from 840,- CZK / osba (bed and breakfast)


Termální lázně , cykloturistika, nordic walking , instructors, Národní park

The spa town of Berchtesgaden is located in Berchtesgadenland about 30 km south of Salzburg. The city is the spa Watzmann Therme. You can also visit the salt mines.




Hotel Maibrunn, St. Englmar

Hotel Maibrunn, St. Englmar

Hotel Maibrunn

****wellness hotel v Bavorsku

This beautiful hotel is located in the Bavarian Forest, tourist resort St. Englmar, about 30 km východně od Regensburgu v Národním parku Bavorska. Nabízí ideální podmínky pro Váš celoroční relax. In equipment 4 star hotel also has a spa with large indoor pool, alpine herbal sauna, soláriem, whirpoolem, fitness, outdoor pool just, everything belongs to the correct spa hotel… Enjoy the unusual beauty of Bavaria associated with pleasant relaxation, výborným jídlem či aktivně na kole, lyžích nebo procházkami v nádherné přírodě a nadmořské výšce 850 m, po celý rok ať je teplo nebo mráz … V zimním období se nabízejí desítky běžkařských tratí ( 70 km), 14 slopes, riding a horse-drawn wagon winter landscape and much more…

Bavaria? That's not even all … There is time to stop, u nás najdete to nejlepší z Bavorska a jen ty nejkvalitnější služby na světě… welcoming guests to a glass of sparkling wine begins…


KLASICKÝ WELLNESS RELAX pro každé roční období:

Dinner: from 2. 150,- CZK / 1 person / night – All in half board in a double room

(champagne welcome, vitality breakfast buffet, wellness a SPA, Finnish sauna, internet, kerlingová track etc.)


ADVENT in Bavaria 3-Day at Maibrunn relax with massages, s volným použitím SPA a wellness, cosmetic package, vitální snídaně formou bufetu a 4- course menu under All in half.

Dinner: from 5. 500,- CZK / 1 person – 2 night /4 denní adventní Relax 7. 000,- CZK / 3 noci / Osoba


Silvestr oslava příchodu Nového roku v našem SPA hotelu s polopenzí All in (breakfast buffet with a glass of champagne, New Year's Eve gala with live music and 6 -the course menu, 1x brunch on a hut, afternoon tea in British Style, využití denních aktivit hotelu wellness, pilates, snow-walking a mnohé další aktivní i odpočinkové programy. Oblast přímo vybízí k využítí nedaleké běžkařské tratě nebo sjezdové lyžování, skating, sledging… Dinner: from 21. 850,- CZK / 1 person – 7 nights