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Germany Alps

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(oficiální název Spolková republika Německo, abbreviation Germany, German: Federal Republic of Germany, abbreviation BRD) the central European country. On the north it borders with Denmark, it washes the North Sea and Baltic Sea, adjacent to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, sRakouskem the south, and Switzerland and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. Area Germany je 357 021 RED km. the territory is located in the temperate zone. Germany má necelých 82 million, což z něj činí nejlidnatější stát Evropské unie. Germany is a federal democratic parliamentary republic consisting of sixteen Länder (Regions). Hlavním a zároveň i největším městem je Berlin. Living standards are high in Germany and works there very developed system of social assistance. Germany is one of the key players in European and global sound policy of many scientific and technological fields, Germany is considered a world leader.

Berchtesgadenské Alpy

(německy Berchtesgaden Alps) lies in Austria and Germany. In Austria only affect its smaller parts to Land Salzburg. As a massive wall, composed mainly of limestone and dolomite towers over the valley of the rivers Salzach and Saalach. The highest mountain jeHochkönig – 2941 m n. m. with a small upland glacier Übergossene Alm lying in the Austrian mountains. Oblast vrcholu Watzmann a jezera Königssee je chráněna jako národní park (Berchtesgaden National Park)

Berchtesgadenské Alpy tvoří několik samostatných masivů.

  • Hochkönig, Massif is the highest mountain of the same name, located in Austria near the town of Mühlbach. In this massif are a number of attractive destinations for tourists, climbers and skialpinism. In addition to the Hochkönig, which is a tourist destination, ferratistů and mountaineers due to its 550 m high wall, the legendary peak Tosäule, Östicher a Westicher Schober head, Flachfeld and more.
  • Unterberg, lies entirely in the northeast mountains near Salzburg. It's a small group with the highest vrcholemBerchtesgadener Hochthron – 1972 m lying in Germany. Above Salzburg Salzburger find Hochthron, which is easily accessible from the tourist lift Untersbergbahn. Climbers appealing is its eastern wall, and especially pillar Blausandpfeiler. Near the lift is a popular starting point paraglajdistů.
  • Göllgruppe, the border ridge continues to the south. The highest peak of the Hoher Göll – 2522 m
  • Hagengebirge, immediately adjacent to Göllgruppe. It is literally a messy labyrinth of limestone peaks and mountains. The highest peak is Teufelshörner – 2361m. This part of the mountain range lies on the eastern side of the lake Königssee.
  • Stone sea, This part of the Berchtesgaden Alps mountain range located in the south and consists of undulating upland plain – "Sea Stone". The highest peak is Selbhorn – 2655 m
  • Reiteralpe, is a mountain range on the border between Austria and Germany, with the highest peak Stadlhorn – 2287 m
  • Watzmann, is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the Berchtesgaden Alps. It is a kind heart mountains lying immediately on the western shore of Lake Königssee. The highest peak is Watzmann – 2713 m
  • Lattengebirge, is the last small group lying over familiar lázněmiBad Reichenhall. The highest peak is Törlkopf – 1704 m.


Tourist centers


Bad Reichenhall






Berchtesgaden National Park

Located in the southeastern part of Germany on the border with Austria (kraj Salzbursko). It was announced in 1978 and spreads over an area of 210 km2. It is the only national park in the German Alps. The most famous and most visited place, which is located in the heart of the park is undoubtedly 188 meters deep lake Königssee, which is also the highest lake in the whole of Germany. The world-famous Peninsula is also the church of St.. Bartholomew. It was originally a Romanesque building. There is also a landmark of the Bavarian Alps – second highest mountain Watzmann with their 2 713 meters.

Allgäuské Alpy

Decompose in the Austrian Vorarlberg and the German Allgäu. They occupy an area of 2800 km2. On the Austrian side defines the southern border of the Lech Valley and stream Bregenzer Ache, the northeast is divided by the flow Ammergauerských Alps Lech. They are one of the most interesting and impressive mountains of the Northern Calcareous Alps. You can find here a great trip and secured one of the few limestone mountains form a long continuous ridge. The entire region of Allgäu Alps is divided into fifteen groups. The highest mountain peak is the Grosser Krottenkopf (2 657 m) Hornbachkette group and the most beautiful is called Hochvogel (2 593 m) group Hochvogelgruppe.

The highest peaks: Large Krottenkopf (2 657 m), High light (2 652 m), Hochfrottspitze (2 649 m), Mädelegabel (2 644 m), Urbeleskarspitze (2 632 m), Chart stone head (2 615 m), March peak (2 610 m), Bretterspitze (2 609 m), Bockkarkopf (2 608 m), Biberkopf (2 600 m) , Trettachspitze (2 595 m), Hochvogel (2 591 m), Large Widderstein (2 533 m), Rauheck (2 385 m), Geißhorn (2 366 m), Schafalpenköpfe (2 320 m), Big thumbs (2 280 m), Leilachspitze (2 276 m), Schneck (2 268 m), Höfats (2 259 m)

Chiemgauerské Alpy

1 100 km2 area lies largely in Germany. The highest peak is Sonntagshorn (1 961 m),which is directly on the border with Austria. We find here the largest Bavarian Lake Chiemsee with islands Fraueninsel and Herreninsel. Fraueninsel Neboli “Women's Island” was named after the still functioning Benedictine monastery. Local Klosterkirche uchmval ​​the original Romanesque appearance, with the exception of late Gothic crypt and the tower cupolas adorning lonely belfry. Even rarer is the Carolingian gatehouse, or Torhalle, which is on the first floor chapel with frescoes 9. century. On the island of Herrenchiemsee find the last statue of Louis II – zámek Herrenchiemsee. Thereafter, What saved the island – formerly stood here monastery – against deforestation, here Ludwig II began the building exact replicas of the French Versailles. The money ran out but at the moment the, when it was completed only the central part – včetněvěrné copies Mirror Hall. Beautiful view of the water surface , often called “Bavarian Sea” , You can enjoy the vrcholuHochgern (1 744 m).

Small railroad called Chiemgaubahn leads from Prien towards Chiemgauerským Alps. Trains ends at the mountain resort Aschau, directly below the top Kampenwand (1 669 m), which is one of the most popular areas for hiking in the Alpine region.

Peaks: Zwiesel (1 781 m), Dürnbachhorn (1 776 m), Hochstaufen (1 771 m), Fellhorn (1 764 m), Roßalpenkopf (1 762 m), Aibleck (1 756 m), Zennokopf (1 756 m), Gamsknogel (1 750 m), Grubhörndl (1 747 m), Hochgern (1 744 m), Wildalphorn (1 738 m), Taler ash walls (1 738 m), Peitlingköpfl (1 720 m), Sonntagshorn (1 961 m), Front Lahner (1 909 m), Reifelberg (1 883 m), Hirscheck (1 883 m), Flagstone (1 869 m), Geigelstein (1 813 m), Wieslochjoch (1 813 m).


Bavarian foothills

Roughly 1 550 km2 large area is situated in the south of Bavaria. Not too busy tourist and consists of the following groups : Estergebirge, Benediktenwand group, Tegernsee Mountains Normally On a mountain. For example: Monastery Benediktbeuern, who is from 789 and became famous thanks to the manuscript Carmina Burana, which there was 13. century compiled and expounded. In 1935 was inspired by this collection and Carl Orff wrote wonderful choral and orchestral work. In the background you can admire Benediktbeuern wall Benediktenwand. The highest peak in the Bavarian foothills Krottenkopf ( 2 086 m ). Located in the mountains Estergebirge, which is surrounded by giants and Wetterstein limestone spikes Karwendlu. This makes it a very attractive destination for admiring the surrounding mountains higher and more attractive.


Germany belongs only to the area of ​​the massif Soiernspitze (2 257m) aprox. 1 150 km2


Wetterstein Mieminger chain

They are two very distinctive ridges, which is spread over an area of 700 km2. Mieminger Kette ridge lies just in the Austrian Tyrol. Southern boundary of the area consists River Inn, Western saddle Fernpass and Valley Stream Loisach, eastern boundary formed stream Drahný Bach. The whole mountain is full of steep rock walls and distinctive ridges. Zugspitze is the highest mountain (2 963 m) group Zugspitze-Platt-Umrahmung-gruppe, which is also the highest mountain of Germany and lies on the border. On the top, which falls on all sides by steep walls are three cable car and cog railway from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We find there the weather station , restaurant and on the way highest chapel in Germany. Ascent of the Zugspitze was in 1820 made local botanist Naus. The top parts are several glaciers, , try Höllentalferner a Schneeferner.

Significant peaks: Zugspitze (2 962 m), Schneefernerkopf (2 875 m), Zugspitzeck (2 820 m), Hochplattig (2 768 m), Northern Weathertop (2 750 m), Mean peak Weather (2 750 m), Hochwanner (2 746 m), Mean peak Höllental (2 745 m), Inside tip Höllental (2 743 m), Outer tip Höllental (2 721 m), Eastern Weathertop (2 720 m), High Pale (2 706 m), Leutascher Dreitorspitze (2 682 m), Hohe Munde (2 662 m), Partenkirchner Dreitorspitze (2 633 m), Alpspitze (2 629 m), Schüsselkarspitze (2 538 m), Oberreintalschrofen(2522 m), Öfelekopf (2 479 m), Musterstein (2 478 m), Large Waxenstein (2 277 m), Large Arnspitze (2 196 m), Osterfelderkopf (2 050 m), Schachen (1 866 m), High Kranzberg (1 391 m), Eckbauer (1 239 m).


Ammergauerské Alpy

Are located on an area of 1000 km2. They are compared to its neighbors (Allgäuské Alpy, Lechtálské Alpy a Wetterstein) less visited and known. The highest peak is Daniel (2 342 m) in the Austrian Tyrol. The most famous sports center is Ga-Pa (Garmisch-Partenkirchen), where in 1936 Winter Olympics held. Today there is an annual championship in ski jumping. Other cultural attractions Ammergauerských Alps is famous passion play. Theatrical performance is repeated since 1632. At the time of famine and pestilence raged, as a result of the Thirty Years' War. A few residents, who resisted the deadly epidemic solemnly swear, if survive, play as a play on Easter. And it happened.

Significant peaks: Daniel (2340 m), Blattberg (2248 m), Kreuzspitze (2185 m), Hochplatte (2082 m), Frieder Spitz (2050 m), Säuling (2047 m), Crow (2012 m), Gabelschrofen (2010 m), Kramer pointed (1985 m)v High Straußberg (1934 m ), Klamm top (1924 m), Notkarspitze (1889 m), Geiselstein (1885 m), Tegelberg (1881 m), High Ziegspitz (1864 m), Tauern top (1841 m), Teufelstättkopf (1758 m), Laber (1686 m), High Bleick (1638 m), Ettaler Manndl (1633 m).