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Marmolada ladinsky ( Marmoleda, German Marmolata) nejvyšší hora Dolomitů. Nachází se východně od Trenta v severovýchodní Itálii asi 100 kilometrů severo-severovýchodně od Benátek, of which is visible on a clear day. It consists ridge oriented from west to east, which consists of several peaks with decreasing height from west to east: Punta Penia (3,343 m), Punta Rocca (3,309 m), Punta Ombretta (3,230 m), Monte Serauta (3,069 m), Pizzo Serauta (3,035 m). During the ski season Marmolada's main ski slope open to skiers and snowboarders.

“Queen of the Dolomites” as it is sometimes nicknamed, Bode v. Punta kulminuje in Penia (3 344 m) – highest in the Dolomites. Severní stranu v horní třetině pokrývá mohutné ledové pole o délce 4 km a šířce 1,5 km. His appearance is very impressive and gives solid unique character. Z jihu se nám nabízí pohled na 800 m vysokou stěnu – Dream series extreme climbers. Eternal snowfield unfortunately due to global warming inexorably shrinking every year and significantly reduces.

Top 3343 m n. m.
Mountains Dolomites (část Alp)
Continent Europe
States Italy Italy

Ledovec je dobře přístupný. Kdo touží “to touch” it, can take advantage of favorable prices and be exported to lift hut Rifugio Pian Fiacconi. Reachable by cable car is the second highest peak groups Punta Rocca di (3 309 m). In the fall of 1917 was drilled in the body of the glacier 8 km of tunnels and built a town. Nowadays glacial drift no longer exist. Continual movement of the ice fields were destroyed shortly after the First World War. But sometimes, even today glacier guide shoes for unexpected expenses remnants of war – often the corpses are frontline soldiers. I Marmolada massif has its museum War. It is established in Punta crest Serauta (3 288 m), which was an important strategic point of Italians. Territory known “Area Sacra” ( Sacred, memorable place ), offers attractions besides the war and unique views. Another freely accessible museum ( Museum of the Great War in Marmolada ) is in the middle building second terminal at Punta di Rocca.

First ascent – rakouský horolezec Paul Grohmann s italskými vůdci A. a F. Dimaiovskými climbed to the highest point in the year 1864. He had previously been carried out on the ridge outputs, but not to Punta Penia. The path leads mostly glacier - cracks, difficulty II.

  • First ascent of the west ridge 1898 H. Seyffert, It. Dittmann L. Rizzi. In five years, there has already led Hans-made trail Seyffert-Weg, which is still a popular alternative rock type – firn.
  • It is often used to reduce car trips Lago Fedaia - Rif. Pian dei Fiacchoni (2626 m). Cableway is open to the peak Punta Rocca di.

If we want to admire “Queen” in all its glory, almost instructional perspectives offers a particularly heavy made trail Via delle Trincée. It follows the old war sidewalks, through rugged rocky ridge Crepes de Padon, which reaches the highest point on the top of Bec de Mesdi (2 727 m). North of Lake Fedaia, path rises meadows up to the Porta Vescovo. Then through the steep rock catch-up proceed further along the ridge, pursued by wire ropes, at the end of the cable-stayed bridge. Visibility is good except Selly Sasso and Lunga, i can overlook peaks Tofani. Everywhere we meet with military emplacements from World War II. From the final leg of the journey is well visible Marmolada glacier ski area.