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In the middle of Europe is a small country called Austria. Austria boasts six national parks, one of them is known as Gesaeuse. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of nature and visit Austria! Gesäuse National Park is with its mountainous landscape areas, whose beauty is breathtaking. The Austrian national parks is the youngest and flat over 11.000 hectares third largest. The landscape is characterized by rocks, forests and waters. Based on the many significant differences

at an altitude can be found in the National Park Gesäuse number of very diverse locations and, consequently, many animal and plant species.

The highest point of the National Park is Hochtor. (2369 m.n.m).

Massive Hochtoru je, as well as the entire Ennstal Alps, built of limestone. Current chiseled features of this peak were formed by glaciers, previously available on its slopes. Remained after them karyHaindlkar, Tellersack, Steinkar a Schneeloch. For Hochtor are also characterized by numerous shapes alpine karst – especially škrapy and cave niches. The steepest slopes are Hochtor northeast, which are formed by 900 m high wall. Overall Hochtor rises above the valley of the Enns 1800 m

  • From the south of the village Johnsbach – marked paths No.. 4 and 664 – through meadows Untere Koderalm, boiler Ronnerstein and Schneeloch (some challenging sections – UIAA II)

Length: Johnsbach – Rinnerstein – Hochtor (4,5 h.)

  • From the east from Hesshütte over Josefinensteig, final 200 meters of altitude is conducted as klettersteig over the ledge ridge Gugelgrat (UIAA I ). The cottage Hesshütte (1699 m) You can arrive from all four cardinal directions (south from Johnsbach, east of Hartelsgraben, from the north and from the west Kummerbrücke from Haindlkar Hütte). The most attractive is Wasserfallweg of Kummerbrücke (1 km long klettersteig, difficulty A / B).

Length: Kummerbrücke – Water trap – Hess hut (3,5 h.) – Hochtor (2,5 h.)

Source National Park Gesäuse, David Klaus

Locality: Styria, Admont, Hieflau, Jonsbach

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